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Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry

General Information

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History of JSTP and Current members

JSTP founded in 1993. Our major academic areas are
1. Cross - cultual Psychiatry(Immigrants, refugees, foreign workers, Japanese living abroad).
2. Cultual Psychiatry (ethno psychiatry, shamanism, religion, possession)
3. Medical anthropology.
4. Other fields related to culture&mind.

Our members consist of psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, psychologists, cross-cultural counselors ,social workers and others. We have 350 members at this moment. Board of directors:35, Executive director: 9
Chair is Fumitaka Noda, M.D.Secretary General is Mamoru Onishi, M.D.

Organizaion (Subcommittees of JSTP)
Our subcomittees are as follows.
1.Liaison committee
2.Annual meeting & workshop committee
3.Editorial committee (Psyche & Culture)
4.Committee for supporting ethnic minorities in Japan
5.Committee for supporting Japanese abroad
6.Research committee
7.Society award committee
8.Information & technology committee

Our goal
1.Establishment of supporting network; Liaison with other organization: IMHPJ, TELL, AMDA, CLAIR, IOM, UNHCR, RHQ, Foreign Nurses, lawyersfassociation,school boards, hospitals, clinics and others.
2.Provision of information.
3.Arrangement of crisis intervention & treatment