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Sectorial Activities

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In order to attain our aims , JSTP shall run the following undertakings.
1.Holding of the Academic Meeting;
2.Holding of the General Meeting;
3.Issuing the Bulletin; and other undertakings related to the achievement of aims of the Society

Annual Academic Meeting
Year Theme Place
1994 Ethnic minorities and community Utsunomiya
1995 Disaster and culture Kobe
1996 Therapy & Culture Yamagata
1997 Immigration and culture Fukuoka
1998 Culture conflict and mental disorders Wakayama
1999 Acceptance of culture by Japanese Kochi
2000 Light and shadow of cultural adaptation Morioka
2001 Culture, climate and healing Yokohama
2002 How does Transcultural Psychiatry Contribute to the International Society? Yokohama(Joint meeting with World Psychatric Association, Transcultured Psychiatry Section)
2003 Children in Multicultural Society Tokyo

Annual workshop history
Year Theme Place
1993 Multicultural society & mental problems Kobe
1994 Foreign workersfmental health Yokohama
1995 Women and mental health in multi-cultural society Kurashiki
1996 Cultural conflict and war Yokohama
1997 Culture and healing: the universal in the indigenous Naha
1998 Living with ethnic minorities in the community Utsunomiya
1999 Is there any mentality specific to people living in Tohoku area Yamagata
2000 Culture, medicine and death Kobe
2001 Messages from multicultual city, Nagasaki Nagasaki
2002 replaced by WPATPS-JSTP Joint Symposium replaced by WPATPS-JSTP Joint Symposium
2003 Anger of Japanese people - from transcultural view- Tokyo